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The Most Powerful Golf Training Systems you will Ever Buy

The quickest way to increase power & velocity
is with movement enhancement.
New training technologies arriving 7.1.19!



Revolutionize your game with Velopro Golf

Gain 4-6MPH of club head speeds & up to 30+ yards with our distance enhancement training systems that provide the ONLY performance guarantee on the market today!
New innovative training technologies arriving 7.1.19!

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Why Velopro Golf training systems are changing the game of golf

Power & velocity is not based upon mechanics.
It is based solely
upon elite athletic movement.

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Used by the Best in the Game

PGA & LPGA pros, Golf Magazine's Top 50 coach Brian Mogg,
20 NCAA golf teams, & over 10,000 athletes worldwide

Developed by athletes FOR ATHLETES. Velopro Golf training systems are developed from over a decade of research & development and utilize Newton's Laws of Motion and scientific theorem to guarantee results. 

Swing It Harder. Hit It Further.

Introducing the Velocity LOAD Harness that has
changed the way golfers train their game.

Introducing the revolutionary Velocity LOAD Harness

The VL Harness is golf's ONLY lower half distance enhancement system that
comes is backed by over 10 years of confounding research data.

The VL Harness is golf's ONLY lower half distance enhancement system that is backed by the industry's ONLY performance guaranty.

Why it Works

The best use Velopro Golf training systems to unlock more yardage, improve shot accuracy, and flat out win!

MLB Defined. NCAA Used.

Our movement enhancement training systems are founded upon scientific THEOREM that is undeniable fact confounded by Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy principles, kinesiology, and the Bernstein and SAID Principles.

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Social Proof 4.0

Our training nation grows by 25 new athletes every single day - WORLDWIDE! 

Tag #Veloprogolf  to share how you train with our baseball nation!

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