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Training Approved by 22 MLB Teams, 100+ NCAA Programs, & 50,000 Worldwide!

Used by 22 MLB teams, 100+ NCAA programs, & over 50,000 worldwide!

VPX Softball training systems are used by Team USA's
Monica Abbott, Haylie McCleney, & Shelby Pendley.

Game Domination 

Trusted by Team USA's Monica Abbott, Haylie McCleney, Shelby Pendley, & 70+ NCAA softball teams.

30/30  Performance Guarantee

Performance is all about the velocity & power you put into the ball. VPX Performance Sports GUARANTEES  our training systems because they flat out work. By providing the industry's ONLY performance guarantee, VPX Performance Sports drives trust back into your game!

I rely upon VPX Softball...

I rely upon VPX Softball training systems because they allow me to feel everything I am doing with my pitching delivery. I would highly recommend their systems to anyone.

Monica Abbott
Team USA pitcher

The VPX Harness is the #1 way to optimize...

The ability to move efficiently is the most important aspect to athletic performance, and the VPX Harness is the number one way to optimize your movement. There is nothing else that I have found that maximizes athletic movement like this training system.

Brent Pourciau
Top Velocity & MLB consultant

VPX Performance Sports is putting athleticism...

Movement is everything in sports. To get the most out of your body, you need to be athletic. There is no question that VPX Performance Sports is putting athleticism back into the athlete.

Jim Parque
Former MLB pitcher

The VPX Golf Harness is golf's only training aid that enhances...

In golf, the biggest issue is sequencing movements to swing tempo. The VPX Golf Harness is the only training aid in golf that enhances this all important aspect of the swing.

Brian Mogg
PGA pro & instructor

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200,000 Athletes Worldwide!

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