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Velopro Sports FAQ Help Center

Velopro Sports FAQ Help Center


Velocity LOAD Harness FAQs

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Recommended ages & how long does it take for to get results? »

What VL Harness bungee length or waist belt size should I order? »

What sports use the VL Harness? »

Why does the VL Harness work & why is it so effective? »

Tell me about the VL Harness training experience, sensory feedback, & what is required? »

What do I do if my VL Harness arrives damaged?

What does the Velocity LOAD Harness come with »

Where can I find a Velopro Sports certified instructor »

How often should I practice with my VL Harness »

What drills can I use my VL Harness with »

Does the Velocity LOAD Harness reduce injury risk?

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