Ages 7 and up. Pro to amateur levels.


Velocity LOAD Harness

Introducing golf's #1 rated lower half performance enhancement system for golfers of all levels. Fully GUARANTEED to unlock previously locked distance, spin rates, and shot accuracy within 3wks or less. Used by PGA and LPGA tour pros, nationally acclaimed teaching pros, and amateur golfers worldwide. Peaks athletic movement to maximize performance.


»  Made of ballistic nylon to ensure
    durability and strength.
»  Specialized bungees provide advanced

    athletic resistance ratings that reduce
    choppy "recoiling" action of 
    conventional bungees. Ensures smooth 
    movement throughout entire ROM.
»  Heavy duty Velcro strapping and buckle

    optimizes safety.
»  Heavy duty metal clips and D-rings.
»  Offered in 3 different waist belt models

    and bungee size ratings.


»  Founded upon scientific THEOREM -
    not theory.
»  A FEEL based system that builds and
    peaks athletic movement.
»  Developed from Newton's 3 Laws of

    Motion, physics, kinesiology, SAID
    science principle, and energy laws.
»  Develops DYNAMIC balance specific to

    athletic movement.
»  Creates balanced force - #1

    requirement of energy release.
»  Provides necessary sensory 
    with every rep you take.
»  Combine the VL Harness with 
any drill,
    training aid, or system to exponentially
    enhance your improvement ratings.
»  Provides the only performance
    guarantee on the market today.

See the VL Harness in action

How VL Harness unlocks yardage

What the VL Harness does

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At the driving range

Golf caddie using VL Harness

1st time usage of VL Harness

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