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VPX HydroFuel Filtration
Water Bottle*

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What's included & features

What's included:

1 VPX HydroFuel Water Bottle

Kitchen grade stainless steel construction. Non sweat, omni grip skin with nonslip rubberized coaster bottom.

1 Astrea BPA Certified Filter

NSF40 & NSF42 certified. Certified to reduce contaminants & lead. Lasts up to 50 gallons or 3 months.

4 customer Reviews 

Average Rating:

Christopher Stevens - Gotta have this!

Like the title says, you really need to make this a choice if you want a filtered water bottle that you WANT to use. This is about the fourth or fifth bottle of its kind over the many years and it seems that I finally made a great choice. The design is impeccable . Its solid and functional. Everything is contained within with no need to open the bottle until you need to replace the filter which conveniently lets you know the two month mark. The bottle does not drip or leak. The finish is something that warrants use on a daily basis. Whomever designed this bottle did their homework and took into account everything that all the other vendors did wrong and most importantly did right. Give this one a try.

John S - Looks good & great quality

I received this bottle for Christmas and used it today for the first time. The design is sleek and the filter was easy to attach. I like how it was ready to go right away without soaking the filter. The only drawback I see is the speed at which you can drink water. Sometimes I drink fast, but with the filter, it limits the speed since you have to essentially suck it through (similar to a straw). For this reason, I would probably not use it when exercising, but that is a personal preference.

Kelly Voo - Great tasting water

I absolutely love my water bottle! The water in my city has a gross chlorine taste to it and this bottle takes it out completely. I am definitely drinking more water while on-the-go now since it tastes better. I like how you can flip the lid to fill it too.

Cat - Good buy

I bought these for my kids Christmas stocking. The water in our area isn’t great so these are meant for school days. I tried one prior to wrapping them and it seems to filter well and taste was ok. This was a one time use so cannot comment on its longevity but upon initial inspection this produce is a good buy.

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Add-on Fuel

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Torsion Hip Loop

5pc Torsion VBS

10pc Torsion VBS

12pc Torsion VBS

VPX Baseball Harness

Waist sizes
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Home Filtration Anywhere You Go

The VPX HydroFuel Water Bottle is made by Astrea - the leader in H20 technologies.

Changing Your Filter

Easy to use, lasts up to 4 months, & gives you pure H20 to power your workouts & performance.



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