VeloPRO’s Simplicity of use is one of the Keys to it’s Performance Success


Being the world's first AND ONLY movement enhancement trainer for hitters and pitchers, the Velocity Load Harness is revolutionizing the way baseball players train everywhere, and simplicity may be one of it's greatest strengths.


VeloPRO's VL Harness is founded upon Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy laws, kinesiology principles, and the Bernstein and SAID Principles. By infusing MLB and NCAA defined playing and coaching expertise into the development process, our harness flat out gets results and it's simplicity makes it easy to use:

1. Aligns equal and opposite reactions within your KCR.

2. Instantly dynamically balances your counterbalancing centerpoints.

3. Optimizes balanced force by creating proportionate movement.

VeloPRO does it all within 3 simple steps:


The VL Harness is extremely compact and goes on in 30sec or less. Use it in any form of training, drills, or reps. It is designed to be utilized during workouts so that your motor patterning changes under every type of baseball movement and execution goal.

There are four components that make up the VL Harness - waist belt, bungees, foot strap, and integrated thigh strap (not included). Every VeloPRO Baseball practice routine will require you to train (1) without the bungees attached, (2) with the bungees attached, and again (3) without the bungees attached.

The process hits your motor patterning in all directions and retrains your muscular response with over and under load ideals.


Since human movement is universally trying to attain balance by counterbalancing equal and opposite energy loads, the VL Harness works on everyone.

The learning curve is minimal. In fact, most of the time, our staff does not explain usage to new VeloPRO athletes we directly train. This is done for testing and to allow the athlete to FEEL the differences and training requirements immediately, rather than hear it, the simplicity of the tool allows users to instantly understand what it's doing, and how to counterbalance it.

Whether you are a professional baseball player or in Little League, VeloPRO Baseball is guaranteed to work for you - per scientific theorem.


If simplicity isn't enough Every VeloPRO Baseball purchase comes with an account that gives you access to our exclusive player development site:

1. Level specific for youth, HS, NCAA and pro.

2. Pitching, power throwing, long toss, off speed development, velocity training, command training, and more.

3. Hitting, offensive drills, swing training, hand speed training, offensive game plans, and more.

4. Plans for arm care, recovery, hitting and pitching specific strength, and nutrition,

5. Coaching, practice plans, game strategies, and more.

6. NCAA recruiting tips, baseball parenting, team selection, and more.

Every aspect of this site is backed by MLB and NCAA defined expertise that not only played at a high level, but coaches at those levels. Your future will be guided to learn the skills to tomorrow, TODAY.

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