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Get Started Now

  • Training knowledge and expertise.
  • A sports related network to sell to.
  • Knowledge of your community.
  • An understanding of social media.
  • Communication skills.

How we help you grow

How we help you grow

  • We train you upon Velopro Sports.
  • We solidify a region within your location.
  • We help you with sales and marketing.
  • Sell our entire product line.
  • Online and in person sales based.

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Performance is determined by how much velocity and power you put into the ball, and Velopro Sports GUARANTEES  to unlock previously locked performance - or your money back. Use our Velocity Load Harness for 30 Days. If you do not unlock performance within your swing, delivery, or stroke within 30 days or less - return your VL Harness for a full refund.

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