"The best band I have ever got my hands on!!"

1 VPX Torsion Hip Loop*

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what's included

What's included:

1 VPX Torsion Hip Loop

Anti fray, weather resistant elastic nylon construction. Medium resistance rating. One-size-fits-all.

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Wil M. - Well made

I used a similar band at a weight training class and loved it! This one is just as good! Its very sturdy and well made. I use mostly for glute and leg exercises.

Stephen - one size

I like how the vpx torsion hip loop resistance band works your stabilizing muscles while your also working your fast twitch muscle fibers as well. Pitchers stabilizing muscles are very important, if you can't stabilize you will not be able to stay dynamically balanced during the drive faze of your pitch. Which will bring on a host of pitch to pitch issues from no consistency, no accuracy, and possibly injury. Using the Velopro and the VPX resistance band set helps pitchers build a strong foundation. And please remember young pitchers worry about building your pitching foundation/your body and fast ball accuracy before you ever concern yourself with velocity! All of your pitches will play off your ability with your fastball so become surgical with it! Also when I mention your pitching foundation/your body, the last thing I'm talking about is your throwing arm, when I say pitching foundation I'm talking about your core, legs, and brain. Remember first and foremost have fun, make every pitch have a purpose and a reason and pitch smart!

Nne - Best resistance bands

The best band I’ve ever got my hands on!! Amazing quality, effective, and the right amount of resistance all for a good price. I recommended to all my friends that they purchase

Wally Ridgeway - Very well made

Can't complain. Happy with these.

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Functional Versatility

The training possibilities are endless with the
VPX Torsion Hip Loop.

Stack Lower Half Exercises

Build fast twitch & stabilizing muscular support
by combining the VPX Torsion Hip Loop
with lower half exercises.

Your Fast Twitch Response To Athletic Performance

Baseball's ONLY Training System That Actually Guarantees 4-6MPH Of Increased Velocity.

Stack Lower Half Exercises

With fast twitch & stabilizing muscular response

The VPX Torsion Hip Loop is a versatile training component to every serious athletic lifestyle.

Functional Versatility

The possibilities are endless with
the VPX Torsion Hip loop.

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