Harness your DISTANCE & POWER potential

Harness your DISTANCE

Used by PGA & LPGA pros, Top 100 golf instructors, and 10,000 athletes worldwide

Used by PGA & LPGA pros, Top 100 golf instructors, and 10,000 athletes worldwide

Velopro Nation 2.0

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Velopro Golf Nation

The best in the world use the VL Harness to maximize their performance.*

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Performance Gains

Instant distance unlocks

The VL Harness unlocks
5-7MPH of increased club head speed & 30+ yds of distance

Golfers work extremely hard at maximizing swing efficiency to increase their distance & shot accuracy. However, all golf training aids only focus upon the upper half, do not improve kinetic sequencing, and cannot improve ground force reaction because they are upper half focused.


Golf's ONLY lower half training system

Sequences, maximizes, & puts feel into every swing you take. 

Maximized Performance 2.0



Every extra MPH gives you 4-5 more yards and 300-400 RPMs more of spin rate.

 Simplified  Training 3.0

» Takes 30sec to put on.
» Compact. Fits in your bag.
» Combine with any other training aid.
» 20min a day is all it takes to unlock the distance & accuracy gains.
» No external anchor points.
» Use it with any drill, at driving range, during putting, or when chipping.
» Specialized bungees ensure smooth athletic movement.

Optimized Feedback 4.0

» Specialized resistance will pull your back foot upwards if your swing is not on plane, you prematurely hip rotation, your attack angle is not optimized, you get ahead of the ball, fly open early, unload incorrectly, experience sequencing issues, or your swing mechanics are not optimized.
» Tells you what is going wrong & when it occurs with every swing you take.
» Connects your heels - the #1 requirement to power golf.
» Easy to use, no learning curve, optimizes your swing within 3wks or less.


Gain 5-7MPH of club head speed.

Increase distance by as much as 30 yds.

Gain spin rate by 300 RPMs+.

Optimizes driver & iron swing efficiency.

Improves ground force reaction.

Enhances accuracy & shot efficiency.


Gain 5-7MPH of club head speed.

Gain 20%+ of distance on shots.

Increase spin rate by 300 RPMs+.

Improves launch angles.

Enhances swing mechanics.

Sequences upper and lower halves.

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30 sec is all it takes to unlock true power and shot accuracy.

Strap onto
your true potential

Step into
movement enhancement

Clip onto
true performance

 25 new athletes
join the Velopro training revolution 

How it works

Used by these Pro and NCAA orgs*

Behind the science


Confounded with over a decade of empirical data and quantifiable research analytics

Velopro Golf not only gives you the #1 lower half training tool on the market today, but we provide years of research & development that confounds why the Velocity LOAD Harness is the best training system on the market today.

Velopro Golf USAGE

Tutorials and usage videos for  the VL Harness.

Velopro Golf DRILLS

Drills for the Velocity LOAD Harness.

Hitting with the VL Harness

Golf caddie using VL Harness

PGA golf pro using VL Harness

How it unlocks yardage

How to put on the VL Harness

1st time usage of VL Harness



the only guarantee on the market today because it flat out 

gets results!

Performance is determined by how much velocity and power you put into the ball, and Velopro Sports GUARANTEES  to unlock previously locked performance - or your money back. Use our Velocity Load Harness for 30 Days. If you do not unlock velocity or power within your swing, delivery, or stroke within 30 days or less - return your VL Harness for a full refund.

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