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The Velopro Nation is Global with over 10,000 Athletes Strong


With 20 MLB organizations and 100+ NCAA baseball and softball programs using BLE's revolutionary movement enhancement trainer: the Velopro harness. There is no question why 10,000 athletes worldwide have joined the Velopro Global training revolution.

But why has nothing like the velopro Harness ever been developed.

"We are baseball players who developed a powerful training system for baseball players. The reason why the Velocity LOAD Harness (Velopro Harness) has been so successful in such a short period of time is the fact that is flat out works."Stated Velopro harness developer and former MLB pitcher Jim Parque.

For the greater portion of the past century, training has focused upon mechanical refinement. However, mechanics are one step in an entire movement plane, wherein performance requires multiple movement planes to sync timing, rhythm, and leverage points with game speeds, game execution goals, and competition adaptations.

"The body works physiologically and neurologically different than mechanical training. Training one step in an entire movement  that the brain and body are trying to align with other movement planes and outside stimuli is a recipe for disaster." Stated nationally acclaimed biomechanist, Top Velocity Founder, and velopro Harness user Brent Pourciau.

Pourciau went on,

"When you look at how the brain neurologically commands and moves the body, you find that mechanical training actually misaligns the kinetic chain reaction because it changes one "domino", which retroactively misaligns the remaining "dominos" down the kinetic line. This is why we see mechanical changes taking too long to implement."

The Velocity LOAD Harness movement enhancement system (Velopro Harness) is revolutionary in its development. Over a decade of research and supporting imperical data went into its development. It is based upon Newton's Laws of Motion, load physics, and energy theorems.

"Everyone has a theory these days, and many have value. But most lack support of scientific fact, which is scientific theorem. You cannot refute scientific fact because it has been proven to be just that - fact." Stated Parque.

Movement enhancement is not anything new. Locked behind MLB clubhouse doors for decades, it is the underlying reason why big league hitters do what science calls, "the impossible", by hitting a 95MPH fastball 400'. The body's motor patterning combined with human brain function is extremely powerful, with most of it not yet understood.

What movement enhancement plays towards is body awareness in space, feel of performance movements, and adaptive function that computes the aforementioned and stores it into muscle memory. Meaning, the more one can store the FEELING of certain executions, the more the brain can "grab" a "feeling program" out of space and utilize it towards performance execution.

Sounds crazy, but the explanation obviously requires a more detailed scientific explanation - much of which can be researched online.

"At the big league level, you do not have different theories upon what it takes to perform. Reason being is that everyone knows there are certain movement requirements to compete at the highest levels. If you look at the swing or pitching delivery for the past 120 years, you will discover it has very little change - if at all." Stated MLB hitting instructor Mike Williamson.

"If we examine other linear-to-rotational sports, we see the same movement patterns that hitters and pitchers share. Lower half movements of hitters and pitchers are identical. This is unrefutable. Additionally, quarterbacks, golfers, softball players, and tennis stars all share the same lower half movements that power baseball players."Stated Parque.

Although nationalities, sport type, gender, and body types separate linear-to-rotational lower half movements, athletes still look and move the same across all such sports. And they have for almost a century.

"There are sixteen different nationalities represented in the Major Leagues. These athletes were all trained differently at a young age, and even throughout most of their careers. Yet, they all look the same and move the same with their lower halves. There are small variances in their movements, but what they are trying to accomplish is identical." Stated Parque.

These identical motor patterns can be linked to energy movement, flow rates, and Energy Laws - which have been scientifically proven as fact (theorem).

All athletes are trying to create energy, support it, and then transfer it into their sport specific apparatus. In baseball, athletes are creating and moving energy from themselves into a ball, and the player who does it the quickest, fastest, and most efficient usually is the one who wins.

"Strength and fitness levels matter big time, because the stronger and faster the muscular response, the more explosive the ball moves out of the athlete." Stated Pourciau.

To move energy properly, Newton's Laws of Motion state equal and opposite reactionary forces must be applied. To increase energy's flow, elasticity must be present. And to explode energy from one object into another, balanced force (think "tug-of-war") must be present.

All point back to dynamic balance and the properties associated with balance in motion - not static balance.

 "This is why balance points and mechanical training are so destructive to athletes these days. They go against how the body functions, energy movement principles, and science. To move energy, one must counterbalance its force with mass and acceleration. Basically, the bigger or stronger you are AND the more counterbalanced you are - the better you perform. Key word here is "counterbalanced"". Stated Parque.

The VeloPRO Harness is now used by over 10,000 athletes in six different sports. Hundreds of units have been shipped worldwide to Asia, Canada, Latin America, and Australia. It is the ONLY training system on the market today that has a full money back guarantee, which is due to its development from scientific fact.