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The Most Powerful Training Systems you will Ever Buy

The quickest way to increase power & velocity is with movement enhancement.
New training systems arriving 7.1.19!



Revolutionize your performance with Velopro Softball

Gain 4-6MPH of power & velocity with movement enhancement training systems that provide the ONLY performance guarantee on the market today!
New training systems arriving 7.1.19.

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Why Velopro Softball has
revolutionized the way softball athletes train

Power & velocity is
not based upon mechanics.
It is based solely upon
athletic movement.

Used by the Best in the Game

Team USA softball players, 30+ NCAA softball teams, & 10,000+ athletes worldwide

Developed by athletes FOR ATHLETES. Velopro Softball training systems are backed by over a decade of empirical research, analytics, and on field results!

Throw it Harder. Hit it Further.

Introducing the revolutionary Velocity LOAD Harness for hitters & pitchers

The VL Softball Harness is used by Team USA softball players, 30+ NCAA softball teams, and over 10,000 athletes worldwide.
Unlocks 4-6MPH of power & maximizes mechanical 
efficiency within 3wks or less

The VL Softball Harness is used by the best in the game because
it unlocks 4-6MPH of power & optimizes mechanics 
within 3wks or less -

Why it Works

The best use Velopro Softball training systems because they flat out work - PERIOD!

MLB Defined. NCAA Used.

Our movement enhancement training systems are founded upon scientific THEOREM that is undeniable fact - confounded by Newton's 3 Laws of Motion, energy principles, kinesiology, and the Bernstein and SAID Principles.

Maximized Performance 2.0

Maximized Performance 2.0

Data driven programming for 
hitters & pitchers

Data driven programming for hitters & pitchers

Every training system comes with a data driven hitting or pitching program that can be upgraded to our VPX elite level programs.


  Proof 3.0 

Testimonial Proof 3.0 


The VL Harness has improved my pitching more so than any other training aid. Every pitcher should being using one every time they practice.


Monica Abbott

World renowned pitcher


My swing has been transformed since using the Velopro Softball Harness. Truly a powerful training system for hitters.


Haylie McCleney

Team USA outfielder


I never practice without my VL Harness because it tells me exactly what I am doing right or wrong with every swing I take.


Shelby Pendley

Team USA hitter

"We absolutely love the Velopro Softball harness for our athletes. Our girls have gotten so much better while training on the harness and we have seen an extreme amount of value in its application to both hitters and pitchers."

JT Glasso

Univ. of Oklahoma softball coach

"The ability to move efficiently is the most important aspect to athletic performance, and the Velopro Softball Harness is the number one way to optimize your movement. There is nothing else that I have found that maximizes athletic movement like this training system."

Brent Pourciau

Nationally acclaimed sports biomechanics trainer

Social Proof 4.0

Our training nation grows by 25 new athletes every single day - WORLDWIDE! 

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