Used by 45+ NCAA softball programs, Monica Abbott, Haylie McCleney, and thousands across the world

Unlocks 5-7MPH of velocity and power within 3wks or less - GUARANTEED!


Haylie McCleney

Velopro Softball - hitting

Used by over 10,000 pro, NCAA, and amateur athletes worldwide


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Monica Abbott

Velopro Softball - pitching

How much better would you be with 
5-7MPH of more velocity and power?

Every extra MPH gives you 4-5 extra feet of ball distance and 300-400 RPMs more of spin rate.

Pitching Enhancement Stats*

  • Avg FB increase of 3-6MPH.
  • Command rating increase of 30%+
  • Increases spin rate by 20%.
  • Baseball Ball
    Optimizes delivery efficiency.
  • Baseball Ball
    Enhances GFR. Reduces injury risk.
  • Baseball Ball
    Improves off speed break and whip.
Softball Pitcher

Hitting Enhancement Stats*

  • Avg exit velocity increase of 25%
  • Hand speed increase of 5-7MPH.
  • Keeps barrel in zone longer. 
  • Baseball Ball
    Improves launch angle by  6%+.
  • Baseball Ball
    Enhances plate coverage.
  • Baseball Ball
    Optimizes swing efficiency ratings.

Used by these pro teams*

Simplicity of Use
30sec is all it takes to unlock the your true power and velocity potential

Putting on Velopro

Strap onto
true potential

Putting on Velopro

Step into
movement enhancement

Putting on Velopro

Clip onto
true performance

25 new athletes and teams every single day

Join the VeloPRO sports training revolution - worldwide.

Haylie McCleney using VL Harness

Used by these Pro and NCAA orgs*

Who Uses Velopro

Monica Abbott using VL Harness

*Not all pictured.

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Confounded with over a decade of empirical data and quantifiable research analytics

Velopro Softball not only gives you the #1 player development tool on the market today, but we provide data driven programming with every Velocity LOAD harness. 14+ Years of research and development confounds our programming that is used by athletes and teams at the professional, NCAA, and amateur levels worldwide.

Softball Pitcher

Velopro PItching 360

Pitching programs to start

unlocking performance.

Softball Pitcher

Velopro Pitching USAGE

Pitching related tutorials and drills for your VL Harness.

Velopro Hitting 360

Hitting programs to start unlocking performance.

Velopro Hitting USAGE

Hitting related tutorials and drills 

for your VL Harness.

See the VL Harness in action

Hitting usage of the VL Harness

Bullpen usage of VL Harness

Monica Abbott using VL Harness

Shelby Pendley using VL Harness

Pitchers using VL Harness

Hitter unlocks instant gains



the only guarantee on the market today because it flat out 

gets results!

Performance is determined by how much velocity and power you put into the ball, and Velopro Sports GUARANTEES  to unlock previously locked performance - or your money back. Use our Velocity Load Harness for 30 Days. If you do not unlock velocity or power within your swing, delivery, or stroke within 30 days or less - return your VL Harness for a full refund.


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