VeloPRO LOAD Harness Usage Tips and Valuable Baseball & Softball Insights


VeloPRO Baseball's world renowned Velocity LOAD Harness is the 1st movement enhancement training system for baseball and softball. Recommended for athletes 11 and up.


There are a few things to decide upon before you purchase your VL Harness, which comes with a waist belt, foot strap, and 2 specialized resistance bungees. Thigh strap is an add on unit that requires and additional cost:

STEP 1: Measure your waist size and add 1" - 2" to your pant waist size. This will compensate for clothing bulk, as your VL Harness belt is worn over your clothing. All waist belt sizing options are listed in the VL Harness drop down sizing menu (when you purchase). The VL Harness does NOT fit waist sizes below 24". 

STEP 2:  Measure your height WITH SHOES ON to determine what specialized resistance bungee length you will require. Length options include shorter than 6'1" and taller than 6'1".

STEP 3: Decide if you want a thigh strap. The thigh strap is designed to concentrate resistance along your power thrust lines and is a great addition to your VL Harness.


Once you receive your unit, ensure it is not damaged and all pieces are included. If you have any issue, email customer service at Do NOT use your VL Harness if it arrives damaged or has missing parts - or VeloPRO Baseball will not provide a refund.

Velopro Tips #2: WAIST BELT PLACEMENT:  Your VL Harness waist belt is designed to be worn above the top of your hip bones. Securely place the waist belt over your belly button and ensure the BOTTOM of the waist belt sits ON TOP of your hip bones. Suck your stomach in and then secure the waist belt. This ensures a proper fit. The harness resistance is designed to leverage against your hip bones, which minimizing any "sagging" of the VL Harness (due to downwards resistance caused by the bands).

Velopro Tips #3: SPECIALIZED BUNGEE RESISTANCE LEVELS:  When you first start using your VL Harness, you will feel a large amount of resistance from the specialized bungees.  

STEP 1:  Ensure you have ordered the proper resistance bungee size, as there are two sizes (shorter than 6'1" and taller than 6'1").

STEP 2:  The resistance level is designed to be intense, but not to the point you cannot utilize your VL Harness during normal hitting or pitching training. If your knee keeps "buckling" under the resistance, attach only one resistance band to start your process. However, it MUST be the band that contours your back hip and leg. At some point, you will need to utilize both resistance bands during training to reap the benefits of movement enhancement.

STEP 3:  The specialized resistance bands are designed to increase ground reaction force (GRF). This may take time for some athletes, as this is a strength training issue that requires repetition and consistent usage of the VL Harness. With more usage, you will be able to utilize both bands and/or increase endurance during training sessions. Know that the VL Harness is BOTH a movement enhancer and a sport specific strength tool.


Your VL Harness is a specialized training tool. It must be used consistently and with repetition. Refer to all the VeloPRO Baseball pitching and hitting programs to maximize your development process. Programming is located under the 'Training Room' tab.

Velopro Tips #4: GOAL OF USAGE:  The VL Harness provides instant feedback with every rep. If you are movement EFFICIENT, your will feel the specialized resistance bands pulling your back foot off the ground before you throw the pitch or hit the ball. This is a NEGATIVE sensory overload designed to give your brain feedback into what is going right or wrong. If you are wearing your VL Harness on your front foot, it will try to "buckle" your front knee during rotation.

Resist and work against what the resistance harness is trying to do to your lower half. If you attain movement efficiency, you will neutralize bungee resistance throughout your pitching delivery or swing.

Velopro Tips #5: HOW THE VL HARNESS UNLOCKS GAINS:  The velocity is in your arm. The power is in your swing. But oftentimes, due to movement and mechanical deficiencies, energy escapes prematurely or is redirected towards deceleration properties. These are two energy laws that cannot be refuted and/or occur subconsciously.

You can see this occuring when pitchers sit 79-82MPH, but flash 86MPH occassionally. This is due to movement efficiency occurring  on only a few pitches. The VL Harness is designed to get your pitching delivery to be efficient and maximize energy usage. Therefore, you will unlock energy's power and use all of it properly.

For hitters, the same principles can be applied - as described above.


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