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Applications & Requirements

Ages 9 & up. MLB to Youth. For hitters who are free of injuries, at least 10 months post surgery, & are not currently experiencing fatigue or chronic soreness.

This program includes daily (1) warm up routines, (2) velocity/pitching circuits, (3) cardio management, (4) strength & core programming, (5) post cool down circuits, (6) arm care management, & (7) recovery routines. All components are described in detail below under the 'Details & Usage' section.

Research & Development: 
Designed by MLB hitting personnel in conjunction with biomechanists, kinesiology experts, & nationally acclaimed hitting developers. Over a decade of research, analytics, and empirical data supports this program's applications and curriculum.

Required Equipment: 
To be utilized with the Velocity LOAD Harness, VPX Traction Foam Roller, VPX Torsion Velocity Band System, & VPX Torsion Hip Loop (pictured below).

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Exercise equipment

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VPX Resistance Band

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Details & Usage

This program develops SUPPORTED power & hand speed that competes for the at bat - rather than just a good swing. Your swing is one aspect to hitt-ing, but supporting the newly developed swing & competing with it is what determines offensive prowess. Most programming on the market has value, but hitt-ing programs are what create longevity in the game.

Data & Recovery Oversight: 
Over 10 years of analytical hitting data (from the University, lab, & on field levels) support this program's viability. Data is INDEPENDENTLY obtained from VPX Baseball - ensuring the integrity of this program. USAGE OF THIS PROGRAM DURING YOUR SEASON REQUIRES OVERSIGHT IN RECOVERY RATES.

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This advanced hitting enhancement program includes your daily course work, training routines, & recovery management plans. It provides a fully encompassing training approach that is confounded with over a decade of analytical research and on field results.


»  Course work. Arriving 11.15.19

»  Daily warm up & flex circuits.

»  Daily hitting & swing workloads.

»  Arm care & scap traction program.

»  Cardio management plan.

»  Recovery management plan.

»  Tutorials, videos, & drills.

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Every hitting day, you will conduct Steps 1 - 3 (below) BEFORE you start the day's prescribed training curriculum (see below under 'Daily Training Curriculims'). Do not skip, as this is a portion of your daily routine that gets your body & swing kinetically synced with muscular response. 

#1 Active Body Warm Up »

#2 Daily Flex & Mobility »

#3 Shoulder/Scap Series »


After you conduct the above Daily Flex & Warm Up Circuit, your body will be prepared to start hitting - followed by post cool down, strength, & recovery routines. Start with Weeks 1-2 and then move chronologically to Weeks 3-4 and so on. Each two week phase of training will include daily workloads for hitting, post cool down routines, strength routines, & recovery plans. Do them exactly as printed with the amounts prescribed. If you cannot conduct the full daily workload due to pain, fatigue, or injury, cut back swing reps FIRST, then drill amounts SECOND. Always pay close attention to the PEL % ratings of each drill or exercise to ensure proper recovery rates. 

Weeks #1-2 Training »