VPX Swing Enhancement Program

Program Components:  
This program includes daily (1) warm up routines, (2) hitting circuits, (3) cardio management, (4) strength & core programming, (5) post cool down circuits, (6) arm care management, & (7) recovery plans. All components are described in detail below under the 'Details & Usage' section.

Research & Development:  
Designed by MLB hitting personnel in conjunction with biomechanists, kinesiology experts, & nationally acclaimed hitting developers. Over a decade of research, analytics, and empirical data supports this program's applications and curriculum.

Required Equipment: 
To ensure this program & all its components are optimized, the below VPX training systems & equipment should be used with this program. If you are a softball player, you would substitute the VPX Baseball Harness for the VPX Softball Harness:

Torsion Hip Loop

Traction Foam Roller

VPX Baseball Harness

Waist sizes
Bungee sizes

12-piece Torsion VBS

HydroFuel Water Bottle

Weeks 1-4 Daily Workloads & Routines

Program Components:  
Click on links below to access the different training components, workloads, & routines of this program. Every training day, you will do the following routines IN ORDER:

» Warm Up
» Daily Hitting
» Daily Recovery
» Daily Strength

  • usage

  • warm up

  • daily hitting

  • daily recovery

  • daily strength

Ensure you abide by all workload directives, applications, & intensity requirements to ensure work loads & recovery rates are proportionate. This program requires usage with prescribed equipment.

If you experience extended soreness, cut back on amount of swings or swing intensities FIRST, then drill amounts SECOND. If soreness persists, take days off & then start again. If you experience any type of sharp pain or become injured, stop immediately & seek medical advice. Hitters who are actively in their seasons need to carefully monitor game work loads & ensure proper recovery levels for their next appearance.

There will be two ways to use your VL Harness - as denoted in the program key. To better understand how each usage application is administered into your training process, refer to 'Program Videos' tab above for explanations.

» Back Hip Usage (BH):  
One bungee contours your back hip & one bungee runs from middle of waist to inside of back ankle. Trains linear drive force, ground force reaction (GFR), & sync of front foot strike to hip rotation.

» Front Hip Usage (FH):  
One bungee contours your front hip & one bungee runs from middle of waist to inside of front ankle. Trains rotational torque & sync of lower-to-upper half kinetic chain reactions.

» Perceived Effort Level  (PEL):  
The amount of effort or intensity level per rep. 100% is max intensity swinging. 90% is controlled high intensity swinging. 80% is medium intensity swinging that feels the barrel throughout the entire ROM. 70% is a phase specific swinging that feels your entire movement planes.

» "Clipped" or "Unclipped":  
This is regarding your VL Harness specialized bungees. "Clipped" means you would have the specialized bungees attached to the VL Harness waist belt & foot strap, & are utilizing the resistance to train. "Unclipped" means you would keep the specialized bungees unclipped so no resistance is felt.

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