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Experience the Nation's #1 player development live as Big League Edge and their MLB defined coordinators get up close and personal with the game of baseball.

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Weekly video Podcasts with the world renowned VPX staff and nationally acclaimed baseball personalities - delivering cutting edge baseball expertise right to your screen.

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What they are saying...


VPX Interactive comes directly from the top and is utilized at the MLB level. Data driven, science based, performance tested.

Jim Parque Seattle Mariners

Jim Parque

Former MLB pitcher


There is nothing anywhere that provides this much information in user friendly form - especially for free. What an opportunity in VPX Interactive.

Mike Sirotka

Mike Sirotka

Former MLB pitcher


I am thoroughly impressed with how much and how current the info is on VPX Interactive. Truly applicable to any level of the game.

JACOB CRUZ Cubs Hitting Coach

Jacob Cruz

Pirates hitting coach

I have found tremendous value in the information and training expertise that VPX Interactive provides to my career. I am constantly trying to improve with the best the game has to offer, and this is one of the main resources I use to improve.

Tampa Bay Rays Pitcher Velopro

Justin Marsden

Tampa Bay Rays pitcher

Being in the industry for so many years, VPX Interactive has truly raised the bar in the platform being provided. There is no question the value this information can provide to any big league or little league baseball player. An invaluable resource that can guide any career to the top.

Brent Pourciau

Nationally acclaimed sports biomechanics trainer


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Live blog here

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