Shoulder & Scap Management Plan

Program Components:  
This program includes daily pre game & post game routines for proper arm care & recovery. Ages 9 & up. For individuals who are free of injuries, at least 10 months post surgery, & are not currently experiencing fatigue or chronic soreness.

Research & Development: 
Designed by professional sports strength & fitness trainers in conjunction with biomechanists, kinesiology experts, & nationally acclaimed clinicians. Over a decade of research, analytics, and empirical data supports this program's applications and curriculum.

Required Equipment: 
To be utilized with the VPX Torsion Velocity Band System & VPX Torsion Hip Loop (pictured below).

Daily Training Routines

Click on links below to access specific training sections of this program.
Conduct 'Warm Up', 'Arm & Shoulder Activation', & 'Arm Care & Recovery' IN ORDER.

Click on links below to access specific training sections of this program. Every training day, you will do the following routines IN ORDER:

(1) Warm Up, (2) Daily Hitting, (3) Daily Recovery, & (4) Daily Strength. All routines are listed below.

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Program Usage

Overview & Recovery:

Ensure you abide by all workload directives, applications, & intensity requirements to ensure work loads & recovery rates are proportionate. This program requires usage with prescribed equipment. 

Every time you train, practice, or play a game, conduct the prescribed warm up first, pre game routine second, play your game or practice third, & then recover with the post game recovery routine fourth.

If you experience extended soreness, cut back on reps or rep intensities FIRST, then drill amounts SECOND. If soreness persists, take days off & then start again. If you experience any type of sharp pain or become injured, stop immediately & seek medical advice. Hitters who are actively in their seasons need to carefully monitor game work loads & ensure proper recovery levels for their next appearance.  

Program Key:

» Perceived Effort Level (PEL): 
The amount of effort or intensity level per rep. 100% is max loading that fatigues muscular response on last rep of each exercise. 90% is controlled high intensity loading that causes last rep of each exercise to be accomplished without muscular burn. 80% is medium intensity loading that does not fatigue muscular response on last rep of each exercise. 

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