"The best training tool I have ever used - period!"

VPX Softball Harness*

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Waist sizes
Bungee sizes


1 VPX Pro Bungee

Athlete height

1 Extra Foot Strap

1 Torsion Thigh Strap

features & performance

What's included:

2 VPX Pro Bungees

3x composite athletic resistance bands will withstand years of training performance.

1 VPX Resistance Belt

Constructed with military grade ballistic nylon, steel D-rings, & heavy duty velcro.

1 VPX Foot Strap

Ballistic nylon, steel D-rings, & heavy duty velcro ensure proper fit during training.

$200 Of Included Programming:

» 16wk Swing Enhancement Program

» Torsion Strength Program

» Arm Care & Recovery Program

» Hitting tutorials, drills, & how to's

» Pitching tutorials, drills, & how to's

Performance Gains:

» Unlocks 4-6MPH of velocity within 3wks or less - or your money back!

» Instantly identifies & fixes all of your mechanical issues.

» Provides both positive & negative sensory feedback with every rep!

» Unlocks 4-6MPH of power within 3wks or less - or your money back!

» Instantly identifies & fixes all of your mechanical issues.

» Provides both positive & negative sensory feedback with every rep!

11 customer Reviews 

Average Rating:

Seth - Fantastic tool for pitchers

My daughter uses this religiously as it is helping her readjust her form. Keeps her tall and her weight evenly distributed. Been through a lot of "toys" but this is second to the spinner and big ball!

Marcus Arguella - Great tool to have!

Awesome workout and tool for pitchers. Haven’t tried the batting, but I could already tell how much it was helping my daughter focus on balance and technique while providing resistance and building power.

Jane Rigalleta - Satisfied 

Love except on advanced 9 yr old i need it tighter.

Maria Chong - Fantastic product!

This is a great fit! Immensely helped my technique by keeping my weight evenly distributed and giving me some resistance. It allows me to know if I’m pitching correctly and its like I have my coach there with me!

Sandra Donmeyer - Great tool!

Great tool. My daughter uses for both pitching and hitting.

Anne Marie - Awesome tool!

I would say this was well worth the money I spent. Such a useful pitching tool, I use it just about daily with my pitchers and plan to get my hitters using as well!

Amazon customer - Love it

Love it, it engages the hips in the swing. Would recommend.

Carmin Rodriguez - That the product works

It works

Johnny - Bands are too strong

The concept is good. The problem I have is with the bands. They are way too strong. I purchased the Medium size for my 14 and 16 year old boys. The belt is plenty big enough. But when the bands are attached, my kids have a hard time keeping their leg down. When they do get it down, the belt digs into their hip to the point of being very painfull. My kids are 5'6" 105lbs and 5'10" 150lbs respectively. I've watched all the videos on the VeloPro site. Seems straight forward. The bands are just too restrictive. It tires your leg out quickly.

Richard - Great product

Great product! Good design and quality.

sizing charts

Waist Belt Sizing*

» SM:  Fits 20" - 30" waist (41cm - 56cm).
» MD:  Fits 22" - 34" waist (56cm - 87cm).

» LG:  Fits 32" - 56" waist (82cm - 143cm).

Bungee Sizing*

» SM:  Fits 5'3" and under (161cm or shorter).
» MD:  5'3" to 6'0" (161cm to 183cm).

» LG:  6'1" or taller (186cm or taller).

*Measure waist with pants & top you will wear when training. Measure height (for bungee sizing) with training shoes on.

team pricing

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» 3 harnesses - $269.85 ($29.98 savings)
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» 5 harnesses - $439.78 ($59.97 savings)
» 6 harnesses - $521.73 ($77.96 savings)
» 7 harnesses - $601.70 ($97.95 savings)
» 8 harnesses - $679.66 
($119.20 savings)

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Pro & NCAA Approved

Used by Team USA's Monica Abbott, Haylie McCleney, Shelby Pendley, 70+ NCAA softball teams, & over 50,000 athletes worldwide!

Guaranteed Results

Unlocks 4-6MPH of power & velocity within 3wks or less - or your money back!

Used by Team USA's Monica Abbott, Haylie McCleney, Shelby Pendley, & over 50,000 worldwide!

Baseball's ONLY Training System That Actually Guarantees 4-6MPH Of Increased Velocity.

Unlocks 4-6MPH Of Pure Power & Velocity

Or your money back!

VPX Baseball provides the game's ONLY money back guarantee because we know our harness flat out works!

Founded Upon Over
A Decade Of Research

Every VPX Softball Harness comes with $250 of data driven hitting & strength training programs.

Add-on Fuel

Torsion Hip Loop

5-piece Torsion VBS

10-piece Torsion VBS

12-piece Torsion VBS

HydroFuel Water Bottle

Torsion Hip Loop

5pc Torsion VBS

10pc Torsion VBS

12pc Torsion VBS

HydroFuel Filtration Water Bottle

The VPX Softball Harness In Action

Trusted by over 200,000 worldwide, VPX training systems have revolutionized the way top level athletes train the game.

How To Put It On With Monica Abbott

Simple, easy to use, & takes 60sec to put on. Wear it 2 different ways - on your front or back hip.

Revolutionized Pitching Results

Team USA's Monica Abbott discusses how the VPX Softball Harness changed her game & why it improves pitchers.

Revolutionized Hitting Results

The VPX Softball Harness has changed Team USA's Haylie McCleney's swing & is improving hitters all across the world.

What Our Customers Say

"The best training tool I have ever used - period!"

From:  Denise Lujan

"Our 13 year old absolutely loves this training tool! The unit helps with his weight distribution during his pitching/throwing mechanics."

From:  Heath Browlyn

"I have been using this product both with my high school team and with my sons since it first came out and the results have been incredible! It is so easy to use and the feedback for the players is instant and accurate. Our hitters love to use it for drill work in the cage and our pitchers utilize it during their bullpen sessions. The harness reinforces proper mechanics and movement. It's like having an extra coach at practice!"

What Team USA Athletes Are Saying

I rely upon VPX Softball...

I rely upon VPX Softball training systems because they allow me to feel everything I am doing with my pitching delivery. I would highly recommend their systems to anyone.

Monica Abbott

Team USA pitcher

Nothing better out there...

The VPX Softball Harness keeps my swing performing and helps me feel everything I am trying to accomplish with each rep. Nothing better out there for any softball player at any level.

Haylie McCleney

Team USA hitter

I recommend the VPX Softball Harness to everyone...

There are many training aids and systems to help softball players, but the VPX Softball Harness tops them all. I recommend it to everyone because it just gets results!

Shelby Pendley

Team USA hitter

The VPX Softball Harness is the #1 way to optimize...

The ability to move efficiently is the most important aspect to athletic performance, and the VPX Softball Harness is the number one way to optimize your movement. There is nothing else that I have found that maximizes athletic movement like this training system.

Brent Pourciau

Top Velocity



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