VPX Strength Program

Ages 9 & up. For individuals who are free of injuries, at least 10 months post surgery, & are not currently experiencing fatigue or chronic soreness.

This program develops SUPPORTED strength & fitness that trains all movement planes. This ensures your body is built properly & in conjunction with kinetic chain reaction requirements. Additionally, this program is designed to build muscle mass, muscular response, & fast twitch flexor strength in one chain that works cohesively with how the human body moves in daily activities.

Research & Development:  
Designed by pro strength personnel in conjunction with biomechanists, kinesiology experts, & nationally acclaimed strength trainers. Over a decade of research, analytics, and empirical data supports this program's applications and curriculum.

Required Equipment: 
To ensure this program & all its components are optimized, the below VPX training systems & equipment should be used with this program:

Torsion Hip Loop

Traction Foam Roller

12-piece Torsion VBS

HydroFuel Water Bottle

Weeks 1-4 Daily Workloads & Routines

Program Components:  
Click on links below to access the different training components, workloads, & routines of this program. Every training day, you will do the following routines IN ORDER:

» Warm Up
» Daily Strength
» Daily Ab/Core
» Daily Cardio

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  • warm up

  • daily strength

  • daily ab/core

  • daily cardio

This daily strength training program designed to improve (1) cardio rates, (2) decelerative & accelerative power, and (3) stabilizing & fast twitch muscular response. Proper oversight regarding form is required. Consult a certified trainer if you need assistance. If poor recovery rates are causing you to struggle with the next day's workloads, cut back one set FIRST. If recovery rates still do not improve, cut back one exercise within the muscle grouping SECOND. If you still continue to struggle, cut back rep amounts THIRDSTACKING TOO MUCH WEIGHT WILL CAUSE INJURY. ENSURE YOU CAN CONTROL AND SUPPORT ALL WEIGHT LOADS.

Physical conditioning & recovery oversight:
If you experience extended soreness, cut back on amount of sets or loading intensities FIRST, then exercise or rep amounts SECOND. If soreness persists, take days off & then start again. If you experience any type of sharp pain or become injured, stop immediately & seek medical advice. Individuals must monitor how their body recovers each day to ensure proper recovery levels for their next training day.  

The following program key related information will help you navigate this program effectively.

» Perceived Effort Level (PEL):  
The amount of effort or intensity level per rep. 100% is max loading that fatigues muscular response on last rep of each exercise. 90% is controlled high intensity loading that causes last rep of each exercise to be accomplished without muscular burn. 80% is medium intensity loading that does not fatigue muscular response on last rep of each exercise. 

(1) 80% PEL - stack phase wherein last 3 reps are slight fatigue.
(2) 90% PEL - power phase wherein last 3 reps start to experience muscle fatigue with a bigger fatigue sensation. 
(3) 100% PEL - maxing out phase.

» Video Links: 
Many exercises will provide a video link to that specific exercise. All videos can be accessed through these links or on our YouTube channel located at VPX Baseball.

This is a "PUSH/PULL" program. Meaning, each exercise grouping trains acceleration first, then deceleration second. This mimics athletic movement. It is highly important to follow directives in their entirety (as described below) to receive the highest benefit from this program:

  • Age specific:  Every athlete is different, but we recommend that ages 13 and under only utilize body weight. If exercise cannot be conducted with body weight, then use resistance tubing/bands OR omit exercise from overall training program. All other ages should use weights. For example, any chest exercise can be altered by substituting push ups for a chest press exercise. Additionally, push ups can have variances with hand positioning or incline/decline movement planes. Back exercises can be altered by substituting any rowing exercise with the same exercise while utilizing the Torsion Velocity Bands. Leg exercises do not have include actual weights, as all can be conducted with body weight or incline/decline movement plane variances.
  • Variances:  Do left and right sides in one arm or one legged exercises (if applicable). Some exercise pictures only depict one arm or leg being trained. Therefore, you would train the arm or leg being depicted and then train the other arm or leg exactly the same.
  • Application:  This program builds cardio rates alongside strength capacities. No rest in between (unless denoted). Do all reps of each exercise at a quick pace - wherein you are moving the weight or body load at a fast pace. However, do NOT sacrifice upon range of motion OR support. IMPORTANT:  Hit entire range of motion for all exercise. Do NOT sacrifice upon this for speed.
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    Program Applications

    Torsion Strength Program:
    Warm Up

    Before every training day, you will conduct Steps 1 - 3 (below) BEFORE you start the day's prescribed training regimen. Do not skip, as this is a portion of your daily routine that gets your body & arm kinetically synced with muscular response. 

    Torsion Strength Program:
    Daily Workouts

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